Bleak Christmas awaits Zimbabweans

Harare-A bleak Christmas beckons for crisis ridden Zimbabwe as inflation continues to bite on ordinary citizens.

Workers from both the public and private sectors have been hard hit as they cannot access their hard earned cash from the bank.

Long winding ques have been the order of the day and many have been lamenting the cash shortages coupled with soaring prices of basic goods as disaster.

“Gone are the days when Christmas was worth it. This one has already been disturbed by cash shortages and soaring prices of basic goods,” said 37 year old Christopher Murazvo

Senior citizens are also not spared as they endure long hours to withdraw meagre pensions from their accounts.

“Christmas is no longer what it was in the last years, I am struggling to fend for my grandchildren as well as myself. Once I get the little money, it cannot compliment anything” said one senior citizen

Others were of the opinion that whilst it is tough it will be coward not to enjoy Christmas.

Fuel shortages have also cast a bad spell for travellers with the majority of citizens taking the festive season as a way of visiting families.

The crippling economy has teared into Zimbabweans to the extent that they have no hope of any remedy even in the coming year.

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