Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal clears House of Commons

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has cleared the House of Commons, taking the prime minister one step closer to his commitment to “get Brexit done”.

On its third reading, MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) by 330 votes to 231, a majority of 99.

The Labour benches were virtually empty and the result was met with huge cheers on the Tory side after the result was announced to the chamber.

The victory for the Prime Minister followed a large influx of Tory MPs in last month’s general election.

It marks a stark contrast to previous attempts, when the Conservatives failed to command an overall parliamentary majority in the chamber.

The Bill, which paves the way for Brexit on January 31, will now go to the Lords – where it could face a more difficult passage as Mr Johnson does not have a majority in the upper chamber.

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