Zimbabwe Constitution amendment castigated

Harare-The Election Resource Centre (ERC) has castigated President Mnangagwa’s government moves to amend the constitution calling it ‘insatiable appetite’.

ERC executive director Tawanda Chimhini said the move is disturbing as the Government is calling for dialogue whilst shutting the door to other stakeholders.

“The ERC notes with great concern the Government’s insatiable appetite to amend the 2013 constitution even before completing the aligning of all laws to the constitution” said Chimhini

He added “It is disturbing that the same Government that is calling for dialogue and national cohesion on one hand is shutting the door on all other stakeholders in an important exercise such as amending the constitution that was overwhelmingly supported by Zimbabweans in 2013 on the other”

Chimhini said by amending the constitution Zanu PF and government have more to gain.

“While recognising that government can initiate changes to the legislation, the political context of extreme polarisation and encouragement for Zimbabweans to work together by regional partners, Zanu PF and government would have more to gain from an inclusive approach to changing polices than stubbornly doing it alone banking on their parliamentary majority” he said

While acknowledging that there is nothing illegal about implementing reforms Chimhini said “It is unfortunate that the proposed changes have a direct bearing on future elections particularly on issues of inclusion and election dispute nature of previous ones”

Late last year cabinet approved the Constitutional Amendment Bill of 2019 which will allow the President-elect to appoint two Vice Presidents, while repealing the provision of running mates.

The 2013 Constitution, through Section 92, has a 10-year transitional clause that provides for the joint election of the President and two running mates selected by the Presidential candidate.

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