2020 the year of demonstrations and action says Chamisa

Harare-The much anticipated Agenda 2020 by MDC leader Nelson Chamisa was held in Harare without any incidences with the youthful leader saying his party will engage the government through demonstrations.

Chamisa was addressing hundreds of his party supporters in the country’s populous suburb of Mbare.

“This is the year when something must and will give. This year is our revolutionary moment. A new page must be turned in the making of a new Zimbabwe, whose journey was started by the MDC when the glorious movement of the people first entered Parliament in 2000” said Chamisa “But for us to turn the required page in 2020, we must extend our hand, our open hand of peace, of democracy, of human rights and of sustainable development; to our neighbours, friends, comrades and compatriots”

Chamisa added “The change we have sought as the MDC is not change for us as a political party but change for us as Zimbabweans. That is why we have become a people’s movement. Our political party is an instrument for change meant to benefit each and every Zimbabwean regardless of who they are, their station in life, their tribe, their national origin, their totem or even their political affiliation”

“In order for the people to stamp their authority on 2020 as the people’s year to kick start the people’s decade, it is important for us to understand that where and when the people have spoken, as they did on 30 July 2018, the people must act to implement what they have said.

“Politics is not about words but about action. In the best political traditions, praxis, that is action, has always defined politics. This is an existential truth. That is why, in the final analysis, we are judged not by what we say but by what we do or do not do. It is the sins of commission and omission that shall follow us”

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