Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Chamisa explains ‘year of action’ message

January 30, 2020
| Report Focus News

Harare-Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has explained what he meant when he alluded to 2020 as the year of action and demonstration.

During an interview with South African television channel eNCA the youthful leader said the situation obtaining in Zimbabwe had gotten worse therefore the people of Zimbabwe must come together.

“The situation in Zimbabwe has gotten worse, we are in a very difficult situation we have a time ticking bomb. Many Zimbabweans are leaving the country on account of the political and economic situation. Something has to be done to arrest the situation and we have said the crisis is a crisis of Governance, leadership and the response to the crisis is for the people of Zimbabwe is to come together.” he said

On whether the door for a political dialogue had been shut, the MDC leader said it is still open.

“It’s not yet close, we have said that we need to give peace a chance. We need to give dialogue an opportunity and we need to create hope and deliver hope for the people of Zimbabwe.” said Chamisa

 Meanwhile Chamisa has said his party is not initiating the political dialogue process in the country.

 “We are not the ones initiating (dialogue process), we have been invited, we have been advised and we have said we are available for any opportunity We were invited by President Mbeki to hear our side of the story and our side of the story has been very articulated on what we believe is the solution to the legitimacy crisis” he said