Kenya Airways suspends flights to China amid a virus outbreak

January 31, 2020
| Report Focus News

Kenya Airways has suspended all flights to and from China  until further notice because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The virus has caused more than 200 deaths, across China and at least 18 other countries.

Six suspected cases had been reported across Africa although patients tested negative for the virus. In Kenya, a student was quarantined on Tuesday at a hospital in the capital, Nairobi, after arriving from Wuhan city in China, the epicentre of the outbreak.

Kenya Airways said consultations are ongoing with the ministries of health and foreign affairs on the length of the suspension.

It added that its route to Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, will still be operational.

Ethiopian Airlines, one of Africa’s biggest operators, announced on Thursday that it will continue operating all its flights to China.

It says it is working with Chinese and Ethiopian authorities to “protect its passengers and crew” from the virus.

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