Zimbabwe President pleads with Churches for help

Harare-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has pleaded with indigenous interdenominational church leaders to fight ‘demons’ haunting the country as the economy continues on a free fall.

Speaking at the National Day of Prayer at the Indigenous Interdenominational Council of Churches (ZIICC) in Harare on Saturday, Mnangagwa said it was critical for the country and cast out demons.

“We continuously depend on the church for the spiritual guidance, shaping and moulding of individuals and societal moral values,” he said.

“I urge churches to continue fasting and interceding for us in leadership as well as for the realisation of our national vision. God does not give nations bad plans. God gives us good plans to prosper as a country but we need to pray to God for that blessing.

“Through your prayers, fight spiritual wars which our mortal bodies cannot fight. We ask you, churches and the leaders, we ask you to fight those wars spiritually in our country so that we are healed as a country.” said Mnangagwa

The country is currently experiencing one of the worst economic crisis in a decade with a weak currency and soaring prices of goods and services.

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