Dialogue key in Zimbabwe says former youth leader

February 8, 2020
| Report Focus News
Harare- Firebrand suspended Zanu PF national youth commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu has called for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa to find each other for the country to move forward.

Speaking during a press conference in Harare, Tsenengamu said the fight against corruption cannot be resolved without solving the political problem.

“We are trying to find an answer to the economic problems that we find ourselves in, that won’t be enough if we do not resolve the political problem. I will differ with many people and I have no problems with that. Comrades we may try to hide but that is a fact.

“Solutions to the country’ crisis lies with all Zimbabweans but for a start we have to accept reality that for now there are two major institutions, Zanu PF and MDC Alliance and that’s a fact for life,” said Tsenengamu

He said there are people who are blocking Mnangagwa and Chamisa from meeting.

“There are people who want to see ED out and there are people who are urging Chamisa to demonstrate. Chamisa learnt in 2017 that you may demonstrate and you lose everything. After marching there are those who refer to the constitution and that does not yield results, so these two leaders face extinction if they are not careful.

“They are being cheered whilst they are falling into a pit and the moment they realise it people would have dumped them” he said

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