Zimbabwe main opposition MDC united – Chamisa

Harare-Zimbabwe opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has dismissed media reports suggesting that in fights are devouring the country’s main opposition.

Addressing journalists at the party’s headquarters in Harare, Chamisa said the MDC had grown bigger despite Zanu PF attempts to destabilise the party.

“Zanu PF’s people have been on an overdrive on social media trying to equalize us with Zanu. Our house in not on fire. Our house is fire but certainly not on fire. We are vibrant, we are doing a lot to make sure that the team that was elected at congress does its best to achieve results for the people of Zimbabwe. There is no confusion in the MDC.

“I am the leader there, at the end of the day we are a team, we play as a team and that team has different roles to play. Tabitha Khumalo is the chair of the party, she plays her role as the chair of the party. When it comes to the deployment to the zones of government it is the prerogative of the President and I have not made changes,” said Chamisa

He said there is no disorder in the party but the party had grown stronger than what it was.

“There is no problem except a figment imagination of our detractors. There is no turmoil in the MDC, those who may choose to disembark from this great train do so on their volition. The party has grown bigger. The party is better than what it was, we have done well in parliament getting around 64 seats and we contested 28, we have improved,” he said

Chamisa said the party will soon embark on protests to force the Mnangagwa led administration in action to address the legitimacy crisis

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