Zimbabwe Senator under fire for praising late Morgan Tsvangirai

Harare- Twitter was abuzz when former MDC Secretary General and Senator Douglas Mwonzora came under fire from a section of party supporters who are aligned to Nelson Chamisa, this after the former tweeted a post praising late founding president Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mwonzora had praised Tsvangirai as a man who hated selfishness and made sure that the struggle was people centered.

“With President Tsvangirai in one of his meet the people tours in Ruwa. He abhorred selfishness and made sure that the people’s struggle was centered on people issues. We shall follow his vision. We will not tolerate any attempts to divide our great movement” wrote Mwonzora with a picture accompanying the post

This did not go down well with many who took turns to blast the veteran politician.

“Please wait for another congress. You will also lose and get appointed. Enjoy threw senate post. Flow with the tide. We want all our leaders to be united. Thank you” responded one Law Togaraseyi

Replying to Mwonzora another one going by the moniker FreeZimbabwe said the movement was based on people’s support for the late Tsvangirai and Chamisa.

“As long you understand this movement is based on people’s support of Tsvangirai and now @nelsonchamisa. Anything else is just Nonsense homeboy ask @GutuObert, @DrThoko Khupe” wrote FreeZimbabwe

Whilst others were savaging Mwonzora he also had loyalists applauding his efforts.

“@DMwonzora you been quiet of late we need you, you write the constitution speak out please about shredding of the constitution which is about to happen let not the great work you did go to waste. Aluta Continua” said one Gerry Mbiriviri

“Dougie has clarity zvake, and its unfortunate @nelsonchamisa is surrounded by bootlickers and blind praise singers @MDCAllianceZW is just a replica of @zanu pf politics dzekuti president ndishefu can’t be questioned or challenged, nonsense” wrote Respect Ndanga another loyalist

Mwonzora has been labeled a Zanu PF agent having tried to contest Nelson Chamisa at last year’s party congress however, he was blocked from doing so after it was resolved that party presidency will not be contested.

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