Zimbabwe Fuel Giant Denies ‘State Capture’

Harare-Fuel giant Sakunda Holdings Chief Operations Officer Mberikwazvo Charles Chitambo has denied that his organisation received favours from government in getting Command Agriculture contracts.

Chitambo appeared before the Tendai Biti chaired Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts. He argued that his company received $1 billion in Treasury Bills

“We structured the finance for Command Agriculture using funds and paid international supplies that did not want to deal with our government which was not able to find the funds.

“We have not captured  the state, but  instead we invited by government in 2016  to participate in  Command Agriculture programme and Presidential Scheme inputs  and we funded it ourselves as government had no money together with other private companies who wanted to participate in the programme,” Chitambo said.

“Cabinet gave us approval to participate in the programme having being invited by government together with other companies by then vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to fund the Command and Presidential agriculture programme,” Chitambo said.

Chitambo said through the Command Agriculture they assisted the Government in averting the ravaging hunger at the time.

“We worked with the ministry of agriculture and with the ministry of finance from 2016 to 2019 agricultural season as we helped the country to reduce hunger,” Chitambo said.

Chitambo said they never poured money into the parallel market as they had received Treasury Bills worth $366 million in which $204 million was returned to the RBZ whilst the remainder paid creditors.

Sakunda has been accused of funding the forex parallel market and also capturing the state by controlling critical sectors of the economy including the fuel sector.

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