Zimbabwe Gvt Implored to Improve Protective Equipment

March 24, 2020
| Report Focus News

Harare-In the wake of Covid-19 the Zimbabwe Professional Nurses Union (ZPNU) has called on the Government to improve on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all health workers in the country.

This was revealed by ZPNU secretary general, Douglas Chikobvu who said nurses are ready to serve the country but without PPE they cannot continue.

“We do not have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to date and this has deliberately left nurses contemplating as to whether they can continue saving or else they can be served with the disease themselves.

“Our demand is very clear provide us with proper, adequate PPE in relation to the risk and hazard in context, this demand should not be miscued or misinterpreted or bear any opposite connotations. We genuinely declare as nurses we are ready to serve once this is done,” said Chikobvu

He added “The challenge we have at hand is that we have allowed our hospitals to exist as clinics because we lack resources. We also want to encourage our epidemiologist, researchers and all stakeholder and citizens to work hand in glove as we fight the global epidemic together. Unity of purpose should prevails at this crucial time and moment.

“We call upon government to limit hospital visit (1 visit per day)-1 visitor per patient. Nurses should rotate and serve a day per week and go into self-isolation if possible.  Above all trained teams on Covid 19 to regularly update and give news in for as it arises timely”

Chikobvu called on the government to engage nurses unions (Zina and Zpnu) and if possible get views of their members as it is critical in successfully dealing with epidemic decisively and timely.

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