Mixed Feelings As Zimbabwe Imposes 21 Day Covid-19 Lockdown

Harare-Zimbabweans have expressed mixed reactions to the 21 day lockdown imposed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday evening.

A survey around the streets of Harare by this publication revealed that most citizens bemoaned the cash and food shortages as an impediment to their livelihoods during the period.

“I survive on vending and if the lockdown lasts 21 days it means I am burdened. Worse still it is month end rentals are due. Imagine going for those three weeks and you are required to pay rentals at the end of April at the same time school fees will also be required. It is a difficult time,” said Tariro Nyamayedenga a vendor.

Echoing the same sentiments was Rodwell Dongo a commuter omnibus driver.

“This disease has worsened the plight of the people, imagine those who survive on buying and selling. We may have food for the first week but come the second and third there is going to be chaos in the country. I think they should review the lock down considering our situation as Zimbabwe,” said Dongo

With most people buying food for stocking, some said the lockdown was long overdue.

“The Government should have imposed the lockdown from the onset. It is a good decision and that is the way to go because it was putting us at risk” said Trevor Kandiyero a pharmacist

On Friday the Government imposed a 21 day lockdown to curb Coronavirus and will commence on 31 March.

In a live broadcast President Mnangagwa said only state and health workers on duty will be exempted from the lockdown, while funeral gatherings should not involve more than 50 people.

“Some of the measures will be drastic and are sure to upset the daily routines of our lives. Should it become necessary, security forces will be deployed to assist in the enforcement of these measures,” Mnangagwa said.

Zimbabwe has reported five confirmed coronavirus cases and one death

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