Coronavirus: Tanzania’s President Magufuli calls for weekend of prayer

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has appealed to Tanzanians to use the weekend for prayer against the coronavirus outbreak.

It is unclear if he wants people to congregate in places of worship since the country has not yet banned religious gatherings.

He tweeted “My fellow Tanzanians, due to coronavirus, I am asking that we use three days, from 17th – 19th April, 2020 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), to pray to Almighty God that he deliver us from this pandemic. Let us pray each of us in their own faith, He will hear us.”

The Tanzanian government has taken measures to curb the spread of coronavirus such as closing schools, colleges and universities, but has not taken the route favoured by many of its neighbours of imposing a lockdown.

To date, the country has had a total number of 94 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Four of those people have died, while 11 have recovered.

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