Improve Women’s Welfare During Lockdown Zimbabwe Urged

Harare-Zimbabwe Government has been urged to urgently take measure to improve the lives of women and other marginalized groups in the country a human rights lobby group has said.

A report compiled by ZimRights says the 21 day lockdown has impacted negatively on women, marginalized groups and the informal sector

“Since Zimbabwe went on a 21-day lockdown meant to contain the spread of COVID19, it is the informal sector that has been affected most. This is because the income in the informal sector is often too little and leaves no room for savings, meaning that 21 days without any work renders many bust. With 64 percent of women in the informal sector, it is clear that they are the most affected group,” read the report

The report also highlighted that there was continued police brutality and lack of information through official channels.

“In light of that, this week, reports of the continued brutality of the police, shortages, and hunger, dominate and with a focus is on women and people living with disabilities. The lack of information through official channels creates unofficial information channels. This leads to the rise of fake news and misleading conspiracy theories.

“The government of Zimbabwe must take urgent measures to improve the lives of women and those in the informal sector.  As espoused in the Constitution, government should provide adequate social cover to people living with disabilities, during the lockdown, and beyond as this is a key group that if often left out on its own, yet government has a mandate to provide for their special needs.” the report revealed

Most rural isolation centres ZimRights says are still under construction and that Non-state actors including Church are encouraged to provide leadership in countering conspiracy theories that may encourage people not to take seriously COVID 19.

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