Churches should help their own before looking to help those farther afield.

“Charity begins at home”, is a very popular phrase which completely suits the prevailing situation in churches in these current times.

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging millions of people across the world many have been left in need of food aid as the lockdowns and restrictions on movement imposed in most countries limit the ability of people from working and accessing food.

Some churches have stepped up to help feed the hungry and have taken the opportunity to showcase themselves as charitable in these difficult times. A move that’s applaudable no doubt.

Just recently, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint(LDS) embarked on a program to refund tithe for up to 3 years to its members. This move was taken to alleviate the financial impact caused by COVID-19.

While some churches have taken such bold measures to take care of their members. Questions are emerging with regards the issue of some churches focusing more on the publicity of their food handouts and directing most if not all the help to none members before taking care of their own.

Charity begins at home. Indeed, it is good and commendable for the church to help everyone. However, churches must insure that those within their ranks are not forgotten. Otherwise it starts to appear as if the external charity works is nothing but a publicity driven exercise.

Churches can not just help or donate money and food to others while their members stand in desperate need of the same. Understandably, churches need to use the charity initiatives as an outreaching exercise to bring more people into the fold. But, they must not neglect their own members in the process.

This is akin to a father who buys goodies and toys for the children in the neighbourhood to be seen as a nice and caring dad, while neglecting his very own kids in his home. The ideal would be to bring the goodies and toys home and invite or open up his home to allow his kids to play and share with the children in the neighbourhood.

Charity is the action or activity that is performed due to having a feeling of kindness in ones heart for those in need or in a desperate situation. But sometimes it occurs due to the selfish nature of a person, who just wants to influence others by doing charity in terms of donation.

It is important for churches to understand this phrase ‘Charity begins at home’ primarily because those who belong to a church depend on it in times of difficulties, to provide protection, shelter, food and financial support.

Churches can not go and help those outside it’s membership and community without taking care of it’s own. This kind of social charity has no meaning. A church has to first concentrate on the needs of its own members then go and help others.

The same is true for most of us as individuals outside of the church umbrella. As families we must first help our own.

Indeed, I am talking about the famous phrase “Charity begins at home.” Many of us are quick to donate to this or that charity, but neglect our very own family members who maybe wallowing in deep poverty and financial challenges.

Our family, our local community , and our country should be our first priority. The people in our immediate vicinity need our full support, our effort, and consideration before we look farther afield. We should not neglect or ignore our own in times of need or crises. Thusly, I say charity begins at home. Once you ensure that your family, society or country are well established and taken care of, then by all means you can help others farther afield and do charity for them.

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