Zimbabwe; Politics of entitlement will the swamp ever be drained?

Report focus news - Brilliant Pongo
Report focus news - Brilliant Pongo

Entitlement has been one of the focal points in Zimbabwean politics. From my personal observations it is not only those in the ruling party that are particularly concerned with entitlement. But all political formations seem to be dazzled by entitlement.

Those who say they fought for the liberation and independence of Zimbabwe are working very hard to cultivate a culture of fear among the citizenry—a fear that the opposition is trying to compromise the gains of independence and hand back the nation to our erstwhile colonisers.

On the other hand those in opposition (MDC Alliance) are not without flaws nonetheless they do represent the lesser of two evils from where I stand. I believe in political freedom, pinned on Democratic foundations and unfettered access to basic human rights.

However, the issue is to do with politics of entitlement in Zimbabwe, even those in the opposition feel entitled to be the only legitimate people, the beacons and champions of democracy. Indeed, we have seen the hyena like mentality in the opposition ranks. The entitlement attitude is shocking. They too have displayed the same attitude and traits of entitlement.

In layman’s terms to be entitled means believing you have an inherent right to something. This attitude or sense of entitlement is very apparent in our politics in Zimbabwe.

It is very easy to feel entitled. Those in the opposition and those in the ruling party feel like they deserve a certain quality of life or valuable opportunities because they are MPs or Senators. Corruption and abuse of office is now seen as normal practice, part of the benefits of holding office.

This is what our polarised politics has birthed in Zimbabwe. It almost feels like no one in our political formations is immune from entitlement. I guess the difference now is what one does with that sense of entitlement.

Such statements like ‘we fought for this country’ and counter that with ‘we have been fighting Zanu since 1999 to usher a democratic and free Zimbabwe for all’ are the sort of things that perhaps deepen these attitudes of entitlement.

The political establishment in Zimbabwe whose sense of entitlement has overtaken their sense of democracy, must be reminded that the hoi polloi is not stupid or unable to reason they are watching your display of this politics of entitlement. Time will tell, the swap will be drained.


Brilliant Pongo

Dr. Brilliant Pongo is media expert and educator. A seasoned journalist and author in his own right he brings a bundle of professionalism to Report Focus.