Tribute Poem for George Floyd, killed by police Minneapolis police

May 27, 2020
| Report Focus News
I can’t breath

I can’t Breath,
With my hands cuffed, you press your knee to the back of my neck,
What the heck
Is it because I am Black?

You took an oath to serve and protect but you Choke life out of me,
I plead, I can’t breath

“My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts.”

If you’re talking, you’re breathing
Stop resisting!!!
I can’t breath, I plead
But with each plea you apply more pressure to stop me breathing.

Colin Rand Kaepernick’s knee was to the ground, not on the back of a man’s neck.
But outraged even the president Trump.
Now a white cop’s knee chokes out a life and so what?
You say settle down,
Allow anger to subside;
We have fired the 4 officers, the FBI is looking into it.
Sadness clouds my inner-vision. I see no justice. What started as an alleged economic incident once again turned deadly for a black man.

Black man loses his life, while white cops lose just but a job…

I can’t breath
I am in pain
I am black
I am American
I am not a criminal
I just need to breath,

I can’t breath
Please let me breath, black people are humans too
Justice for George Floyd

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