Zambia’s president Edgar Lungu urged to apologise to ex-US envoy

A Zambian opposition figure has urged President Edgar Lungu to apologise to a former US envoy after pardoning a gay couple.

The Patriots for Economic Progress leader Sean Tembo wants the president to says sorry to the US’ ex-ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foote, for the victimisation he suffered for condemning the initial jailing of the couple last year..

Mr Tembo, while speaking on local radio station Hot FM, said the pardoning of the couple vindicates the former envoy.

He said it also contradicted the government’s stance on homosexuality.

President Lungu pardoned the two men, Japhet Chataba and Steven Samba, who were sentenced to 15 years for having sex with each other.

They were listed among the names of nearly 3,000 prisoners to be fred to mark Africa Freedom Day, which fell on Monday.

Their sentencing had caused a diplomatic row that ended in the recalling of Ambassador Foote.

The ambassador had urged Zambia to review its laws on homosexuality.

He faced a huge backlash and the US said it was dismayed by the treatment of the envoy.


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