‘We are In a Crisis’ Zimbabwe Civic Society Organisations

Harare-Civic Society Organisations under the banner of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiCZ) say the recent statement by the Government dispelling rumors of an imminent coup, is a sign that the country is in a crisis.

On Wednesday the government issued a statement to the effect that there was an upsurge of rumours suggesting an imminent coup d’état in the country.

In a statement, CiCZ says it notes some inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the government statement.

“We note some inaccuracies and inconsistencies in their statement and therefore embrace this as a golden opportunity to directly express citizens’ voices and concerns. The holding of the press conference and statement is a confirmation and admittance that the country is in a crisis.

“We, therefore, contend that any effort to provide solutions to the multi-faceted national crisis should be people-centred and grounded in an all-inclusive, all-stakeholder dialogue. As such a military coup, as has been proven in other jurisdictions, and recently in Zimbabwe in November 2017 will only protect the interests of a few political and security elite at the expense of a sustainable solution,” read the statement

The coalition expressed concern at the tone and threats expressed by the government on various individuals and institutions who are alleged to have been peddling coup rumours.

“We are deeply worried and concerned that the tone and threats against opposition political activists, citizens’ activists, civil society organisations, churches and other pro-democratic forces, which amounts to a declaration of war on an already burdened and the traumatised citizenry, threatens their security and undermines our collective capacity to address the multi-faceted crisis facing the country, and the economy nearing collapse while souring COVID-19 infections and a growing sense of insecurity.”

The Coalition expressed concern over allegations of corruption implicating high government officials.

“Additionally, we note, not only the increase in cases of high-level corruption including high ranking government officials and or their families but also attempts to muzzle and intimidate citizen and media voices raising these issues. Most disturbingly, is the exploitation of a world-wide pandemic to pilferage”

CiCZ called on the Government to urgently institute a genuine all-inclusive national dialogue process must involve all stakeholders and a national visioning process that has civil society, government, political parties, business, religious groups and labour unions among other critical stakeholders.

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