Choked By Corruption Zimbabwe Can’t Breathe

Get your knee off the neck of Zimbabwe,

Mr corruption the country can’t breathe.

We cry out mama, as hunger ravages the povo, businesses fold and crumble suffocated by your knee Mr Corruption.

We are choked when you ask us to pay a bribe or a kickback,
pay an official to win a contract,

Get your knee off our neck,
We can’t breathe Mr Corruption
While lack of transparency, inefficiency and bribery are frequently reported, still you press your heavy knee to the back of our neck,
Zimbabwe can’t breathe Mr corruption

Murders of poverty stricken workers gunned down by your all weather friends from China,
extrajudicial killings by thugs from the so-called-central-intelligence , grabbing of other people’s property all these atrocities going on unabated as the criminals know that they will not be held accountable for these crimes.

Catch and release, pseudo anti-corruption bodies smokescreens set up to blindfold the law, but our vision is 20/20 we see it all.

Inflated public contracts running into millions of dollars, face masks over priced, luxury cars over priced, your game now exposed, 40 years of shameless looting, Mr Corruption, we see it all.

A government with unaudited annual funds, it’s hands common in the country’s cookie jar, why Mr Corruption? Get your knee off our neck, Zimbabwe can’t breathe

Suspected rapist buying impunity from the police, those connected to top officials engage in child marriages and all sorts of malice with freedom from the injurious consequences of their actions

Zimbabwe can’t breathe Mr Corruption

Your fat face stained with evidence, you gobble up funds marked for crisis relief, your belly never full,
where is the money for cyclone Idai? COVID-19?
Still digesting the missing 15 Billion, you swallow, never chewing,
Your thieving appetite insatiable, never allowing an end to the people’s pain,
Still you press the country down, your heavy knee on our neck,
you choke,
you suffocate us,
Why Mr Corruption?

Are we so coward?

Zimbabwe why have we allowed Mr Corruption to ravage us?

We say “corruption chokes”,
Then why do we breathe it ?,
We say “corruption kills”,
Then why do we breed it ?

Rise up Zimbabwe,
Stand up against corruption, we must to breathe
Yes ‘we’ the citizens must unite,

Speak up against Mr Corruption,
we have a God given right to breathe in our Zimbabwe
endowed with rich mineral resources enough to afford us all a good life,

Howbeit we allow Mr Corruption to choke us,

His heavy knee,
adding significant costs to the price of doing business

His choking knee,
stealing resources that could be used to build the capacity of country

His oppressing knee,
preventing a “fair playing field” in competitions to provide goods and services

Rise up Zimbabwe, unshackle your neck from this choking knee of Mr Corruption.

United, we can free ourselves,
none but ourselves can defeat Mr Corruption
We as citizens have a shared responsibility to create and uphold moral and ethical values, in this our Zimbabwe.

Let’s together defeat Mr Corruption
We must breathe, we must allow Zimbabwe to breathe.


Brilliant Pongo

Dr. Brilliant Pongo is media expert and educator. A seasoned journalist and author in his own right he brings a bundle of professionalism to Report Focus.