Independent Zimbabwe; not yet Uhuru

1980 we freed our nation from colonial rule,
Hard won independence from minority rule,
Celebrations galore, 1980 Independent Zimbabwe was born,
From the pan of British colonial rule we fell, straight into the naked flames of corruption now we burn.
We are scotched, roasted in the open flames of corruption,
Flames ignited and stoked by erstwhile liberators,

Not yet Uhuru, now ruled by the minority elites Black like us,
From yoke to yoke, burdensome and heavier than days gone past,

The oldies reminisce, “White Rhodesia had vision and plans, and they effected those plans,
there was visible and tangible development”,

Is this truth or nostalgia?
No justification for white colonial rule, repressive rules are suppressive and oppressive,

Not yet Uhuru was a chorus common on black lips then,
Driven by a desire for better days
The native povo was still to be independent, the dream of freedom for all held strong,

Yet clean water from taps flowed,
Fuel from the pumps flowed,
Food and daily basics the shops stored,

40 years on,
4 decades later
Still we cry in hushed voices not yet Uhuru,
Not yet Uhuru
Beloved Zimbabwe, regressed, depressed by corruption, our lives
R O C K E D,
and D E S T R O Y E D
By the incompetence of crazed money hungry corrupt politicians.
Where are the promised gains of independence?

Not yet Uhuru, no not yet Uhuru,
now we mime,
unable to speak up against corruption. Afraid,
we are frightened of our erstwhile liberators. They have become the oppressor,

Where is our freedom of speech?
1980 Independent Zimbabwe, make good your promise,

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You tell us we are free,
Zimbabwe is free and independent, no I say sing with me,
Not yet Uhuru, not yet Uhuru

But we are, Free from freedom of speech,
Free from meaningful votes,
Free from true independence,
Free from employment opportunities,
Free from clean fresh running water,
Free from constant and reliable electricity,
Free from functional sewage systems,
Free from developed and well maintained roads,
Free from a functional, comfortable and reliable rail service,
Free from good schools and education,
Zimbabwe is free, free from a functional health delivery system,

1980 Independent, free Zimbabwe, where is your promise?
not yet Uhuru indeed not yet Uhuru

A luta continua…

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