Top Zimbabwean Politician Dares Defence Minister

July 2, 2020
| Report Focus News

Harare-Firebrand Zimbabwe opposition MDC Alliance deputy national chairperson, Job Sikhala has dared Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri over remarks by the latter that the net was closing in on individuals who were peddling information of an imminent coup to remove President Mnangagwa.

Minister Muchinguri told the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Security this week that alleged peddlers of the information will soon be brought to book.

“Let me set the record straight from the onset, to Oppah Muchinguri, please bring it on, I am not afraid of the threats because this country cannot be governed on the basis of lies and manufacturing of falsehoods against those who are standing against the evils of your government because this country does not belong to anyone’s mother” said Sikhala

He added “I am briefed that the threat by Oppah Muchinguri is targeting arresting me and (Apostle Talent) Chiwenga as soon as possible. The brief I received which is quite detailed, says, sooner rather than later after our arrest, journalist (Hopewell) Chin’ono will also be immediately nabbed.

“I will not tolerate any persecution of my person anymore. Don’t dare again. Like their threat to come and invade my home on the 29th of February 2020 that turned into a nightmare, I have mobilised the entire population to trigger a revolution in the event of carrying out their threat. I am a practical man.”

“My Masvingo treason trial will be a picnic. This time the wave will be unstoppable. I don’t make empty threats. I am not that character. I also urge Apostle Chiwenga to activate his constituency. It’s a do or die situation.

“Idiots governing our country should take responsibility for their failures. Trying to use other people as scapegoats is dangerous to its very survival. I have obtained detailed information about all your intentions Oppah Muchinguri. Bring it on.”

Sikhala, a longtime critic of the Zanu PF regime, was arrested early this year on charges of treason. He was later acquitted.
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