4,173 deaths in Scotland now linked to Covid-19

A total of 4,173 Scots deaths have been linked to Covid-19 as of 5 July, official figures show.

The National Records of Scotland (NRS) figures indicate that is an increase of 17 deaths from the previous week.

From 29 June to 5 July, 40 fewer deaths from all causes were registered compared with the average number for this time of year.

New analysis of deaths registered up to 14 June shows that deaths among people from the South Asian ethnic group were almost twice as likely to involve Covid-19 than deaths in the White ethnic group, after accounting for age group, sex, area deprivation and urban/rural classification.

The NRS weekly figures are higher than the daily figure announced by Nicola Sturgeon because they include all cases where Covid-19 is mentioned on a death certificate, even if the patient had not been tested.

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