Zimbabwean Authorities Have Fear In People Power Says Former Minister

Harare-Former Zimbabwe Information and Publicity Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has claimed that the country’s authorities are fearful of uprising from the masses.

Professor Moyo made the remarks during an online live programme in which he said the authorities are scared of the people.

“Actually, I remember vividly how scared these security people were of the final push (2001) and how many of them if not all of them were nowhere to be found. They were literally in hiding. They were afraid of the people thinking that the whole country would descend on them. They were very afraid” said Prof Moyo

He said the people of Zimbabwe do not realise the power they have which makes Zimbabweans different from other countries on the continent.

“There is a tendency to think that they (authorities) are all macho, goal getters, they are so fearful, they are so afraid of the people. Certain things are easier said and others things are also easier assumed and they don’t match with the actual experience.

“The system is very afraid of the people. The people in Zimbabwe unlike other populations in the region and elsewhere on the continent have not yet realised the power that they have and it is the only difference so far.

“We allow them to do certain things that they should not do elsewhere for example parliament recklessly exercises this recalling power in the manner that Jacob Mudenda and Marble Chinomona have been doing. We tend to think the victims and targets are members of the MDC Alliance or the leadership of the MDC Alliance or even Nelson Chamisa. We do not see it as an attack on the voter who has a right to join a political party and vote for that political party and we allow political parties to play games with the right to vote.” he said

Professor Moyo’s remarks come at a time when Zimbabweans are planning to demonstrate on July 31 over the deteriorating economic situation. Prof Moyo fled the country in November following the military coup and is believed to be in Kenya

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