Zimbabwe Threatens US Ambassador

Harare- Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu PF party has labeled US ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols a thug and threatened his expulsion from the country.

The remarks were made by former Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa who is acting party spokesperson.

Zanu PF accuses the US of sponsoring the planned 31 July anti-Government demonstrations and had no kind words for the diplomat in what could be another showdown between Harare and Washington.

“He continues to engage in acts of undermining this Republic and if he does so, if he continues engaging in acts of undermining the Republic mobilizing and funding disturbances coordinating violence and training insurgency our leadership will not hesitate to give him his marching orders.

“Diplomats should not behave like thugs and Brian Nichols is a thug. We remind Nichols that he is not a super Diplomat in this country. There are several Diplomats seconded to this republic from African Union countries and the world over. They have never masqueraded and pretended to be our prefects as Mr Nichols is doing. We have nothing to learn from the United States or from countries which impose sanctions” he said

Zimbabwe is reeling from rampant corruption and massive human rights abuses that has seen arrests of political activists and journalists.


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