Move to criminalise ‘campaigning against Zimbabwe’

A new law is on the cards in Zimbabwe to punish political parties for “campaigning against the country” after cabinet approved the plan.

It comes days after the President Emmerson Mnangagwa accused the opposition and Western diplomats of fomenting “terrorism”, and businesses of “economic sabotage”.

The cabinet also recommended tightening laws governing speech by public officials, media houses and citizens, including on social media.

There has been growing public anger over the government’s failure to reverse the economic decline, and to arrest critics.

On Wednesday, the US blacklisted businessman Kuda Tagwirei and the fuel company he runs.

It accused him of “opaque” business dealings and using his relationship with the president to grow his business empire.

The government says blacklisting the fuel company will worsen shortages of fuel and further cripple the economy.

It adds that the sanctions will not affect diplomatic efforts to improve relations with the US.

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