Independent MP Accuses Mnangagwa’s Sons of Dining With a Criminal

September 11, 2020
Zimbabwe president Mnangagwa t | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe president Mnangagwa

Harare- Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has accused President Mnangagwa’s twin sons Shaun and Collins of trying to get him arrested because he exposed their corrupt and criminal relationship with Delish Nguwaya.

Nguwaya is facing US$60 million corruption charges after his company Drax International was given a tender without going through the required process.

In a five-minute audio which leaked on Thursday and has gone viral on social media platforms, Mliswa who claims to be Mnangagwa’s brother said the twins are in a criminal relationship.

Below is the full transcript of the audio:

Here is a transcript of Mliswa’s voice note:

“Hi my sons Collins and Shaun. I speak to you with a heavy heart knowing very well that you have been unfortunately working with Delish Nguwaya to try and get me arrested because you are not happy that I have exposed your relationship with him. A relationship which is criminal of nature, a relationship which is corrupt and a relationship which you don’t need.

But if you think you can get me arrested, me your uncle, because of your love for money then you don’t know this uncle. I’m meeting the president, my brother, and I’m telling him. He knows about it. I had to call him yesterday to tell him that I want to be arrested because Delish has spoken to [Police Commissioner General Godwin] Matanga about you influencing him to get me arrested because I have just said the truth, I’ve just said that the person you are hanging around with is not good for you.

If you want an uncle who lies to you I’m not the uncle who’s gonna lie to you. Equally I’ not gonna have somebody who you are hanging around with who is a double agent. He is G40 in total, the evidence I have. I told you when the president was inaugurated that don’t play with this guy, I even told maiguru (Auxillia Mnangagwa) and she reprimanded you.

You have continued to ignore your mother’s call, you have continued to ignore your father’s call for the love of money. Let me tell you political party goes. My brother is in power, but there will be time when he will leave. The question is that when he leaves, how many enemies you two would you have created, how many people’s toes would you have stepped on?

You must look at the former first family [Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace and their children]. You can say what you want to say, but they were not as corrupt as the allegations that are on you.

The reason is that you are dealing with somebody who is totally corrupt, who’s a double agent, who’s a G40. I talk to G40 people, Delish Nguwaya is planted and he tells them everything that goes on in the first family, they know what is happening. That can even lead to your own parents being killed, if you don’t understand this.

But because you are so obsessed with money, because you love money you have decided to even go against me, to get me arrested. You are little boys. You were born way before you knew me.

I have stood by your father for a long time, you don’t know that. You don’t know the history of your father and my father and our relationship, you are too young to know that. If you don’t know the history of my father, he would go to Tynwald and be given sour milk by Mai Farai (Mnangagwa’s first wife) all the time . We come a long way. You are too young. You were not in Zambia when ED (Emmerson Dambudzo) was in Zambia. My father in Zambia.

Don’t think when your father calls me young brother, when your father respects me, young brother doesn’t mean we came from the same womb. In case you don’t understand that, we are an extended family. We are very integral people in whatever he does. If you don’t know my father was taken to England by your father when he was ill. Your father buried my father, paid for everything.

But you have crossed the line now. I’m telling you this: you have crossed the line. Not everybody is your friend in town. The few uncles and the few friends that you have who are on your side, keep them.

You go and order me to be arrested because you were just upset because I exposed your corrupt criminal relationship with Delish Nguwaya. Who is Delish Nguwaya? A Neighbourhood Watch who you have now taken to the first family. He has infiltrated the first family because of you. We worked for the president to be in power not for you to do what you are doing.

You think I can be afraid today? If I have to sever family ties with you, so be it, but I will not do so with my brother. You will never come between me and my brother. I have always been there to protect his legacy. I have always been there to do a lot. I have been in prison under [former Police Commissioner General Augustine] Chihuri, under Mugabe because I supported ED. Over 70 times I used to be arrested for him. Now he is in power you want me to be arrested for doing nothing, finding a fault that I reprimanded the police. You go to the courts to get a warrant of arrest for me to be locked up, and you think when we see each other we smile? Don’t you think I have children too who want to see me everyday?

You are so obsessed with money. Don’t do that boys. What you have done, until I sit down with my brother and your father there, you have started a war. I can hit back too. You can have all the army, you are trained whatever, but not with my weapon that God has given me. I am protected by God, I’m not protected by the military. You must understand that. You have crossed the line. I’m telling you this.

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