Self proclaimed prophet kills wife

Sylvester Ofori a self proclaimed prophet who is based in America shot his wife dead.

Ofori and his wife were going through a divorce and had been estranged for the last three months. His wife who had moved out of the matrimonial home was shot by Ofori just outside her work place.
There are audio recordings of Ofori threatening to kill his wife that have since emerged.

Ofori’s brother in-laws is heard in one of the audio recordings remonstrating to the threats of death and urging Ofori’s wife to call the police and report the matter, however Ofori’s wife refuses to get the police involved. Ofori is then heard saying ‘if I don’t shot you dead then I am a fake’ Domestic violence has been on the increase as has been abuse of women in the church.

Many of these so-called prophets are allegedly sexually abusing congregates and some even sleeping with the wives of associate pastors. There are several cases of these so-called prophets issuing out death threats but Ofori has gone one up and pulled the trigger

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