Fake Prophet in Vaal, cooked up HIV test kits

The under-fire-leader of New Life church who has faced much criticism for faking miracles and scamming unsuspecting congregates has come under further scrutiny after shocking revelation by one of his former close associates who has told all about how HIV testing kits were microwaved to give a false reading.

“ I was the hype man for Apostle Mzwake Tancredi leader of New Life Church, (real name Frank Ndlhayana).” I am the guy who would shout on the microphone saying we have a miracle here papa, and announcing all the miracles we staged. One of the worst things we did at New Life Church was to fake the HIV healings.

Explaining to Report Focus News how this was done Marshall Baseli said “ we would put a batch of HIV test kits in the microwave heat them up and so the test results would read HIV negative no matter what, because the kit has been completely compromised. So when we got to church we would use the un-compromised test kits first and if the result come out as positive, Miz Mzwake would then offer a fake prayer and anoint the people or persons with oil.

We would run another rapid test this time using the cooked up test kits which would give a reading that said HIV negative.” This is one of the most cruelest things anyone can do. People were given false hope that they had been healed and they stopped taking their medication.

It is not known or clear at the moment as to how far reaching the effects of this not only criminal but morally decadent act has gone. What is clear however, is the damage it has left on individual lives and the community which was manipulated by this fake healer.

It has become common practice at prayer healing services in some Pentecostal churches, for pastors invite people infected with HIV to come forward for a public healing, after which they instruct those allegedly healed to burn or throw away anti-retroviral medications as they declare the persons cured.

The rise of these charlatans claiming to heal all types of ailments has become not only worrisome, but controversial. Some of the claims and concerns are raising red flags as believers’ conditions worsen, and a debate has opened over whether science or religion should take the lead in the fight against the AIDS epidemic.

The issue is not new for African societies that have grappled with similar matters, such as these spiritual healers and charlatans who continue to convince the desperate and gullible followers that just by spoken words and a bit of oil they can cure the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS.

Some 6.3 million people are receiving anti-retroviral drugs in hospitals and clinics across eastern and southern Africa. The prayer healings are especially worrisome because people who quit treatment may become resistant to the drugs.

A former congregate from New Life Church who spoke to us about their experience said “I was upbeat, and excited that I had been healed but after a month or so I started falling sick. When I was tested, the virus was still in me and had multiplied since I was not taking the drugs. I couldn’t understand why I thought maybe I lacked faith or had done something to offend the anointing.”

Sadly these charlatans often tell people that a lack of faith is the reason the prayer healing isn’t working. The patients do not actually get healed, but they try to believe they are to prove they have faith, even if there is no clinical proof.

Speaking to this publication Marshall Baseli said “some of those who had received the alleged prayer cure died within a few months. Most of the people who spoke to Report Focus News expressed anger and bitterness that the South African government has not taken any action to stop this immoral and unethical practice. Asked to comment on his former spiritual leader Frank Mzwake Ndlhayana, Baseli said “I have no doubt he is a charlatan and he should be in jail, we can provide evidence of how he manipulated even us into doing all these horrific and dangerous things under the guise of prophecy.”

It is about time that Governments particularly on the African continent to also keep close watch on the charlatans who cheat people through these so-called miracles and false healings and deliverance in these churches.

These fake prayers for miracle healing inflict serious damage not only on those who are victimized. Indeed, there are concerns that this is negating achievements against HIV and AIDS on the African continent.

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