Ruling Party Stalking Us Claims Zimbabwe Opposition

Harare- Spokesperson for Zimbabwe’s main opposition MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa, Fadzayi Mahere says the fight between her party and the rival MDC-T faction is not about the name but the ruling Zanu PF party which is pestering her party.

On Saturday, MDC-T national chairman Morgen Komichi said the party will adopt the name MDC Alliance in the forthcoming by-elections scheduled for December 5 this year.

In an interview with a local radio station, Mahere said there was no confusion in the minds of the electorate because of the 2018 election outcome.

“This is not a fight about the name MDC, this is a fight about the representatives of a cause that is genuinely against Zanu PF. If it were just about the MDC Alliance is different from the name MDC-T. The two are different, everyone who went to the ballot box in 2018 there was no confusion and the way that we know that there was no confusion is that Khupe throughout the entire nation got 45 000 votes and President Chamisa got 2, 6 million votes.

“People have no confusion in their minds about the name so it’s not about the name because the cause is one that fights Zanu PF, Zanu PF will follow us wherever we go even if the name changes we know that. What’s critical at this point is the consciousness and the cause name change or no name change will continue to champion the fight for a better Zimbabwe,” said Mahere

She said Zanu PF was trying to dismantle the MDC Alliance because they were fighting corruption and an attempt to create a one party state.

“It’s not just a sterile debate about names the reason that they continue to attack and dismantle the MDC Alliance is because we are fighting them at their root, we are fighting corruption, the culture of violence, the attempt to reduce Zimbabwe to a one party state, state capture, we are fighting their attempt to loot and plunder this nation that is the reason why they are coming after us and we know it and we are going to fight back politically.” she said

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