Zimbabwe Police Fire Teargas At Passenger Laden Bus

Zimbabwe police traffic officers this afternoon fired teargas inside a bus loading passengers along Bulawayo road in a sign of negligence by the law enforcement agents.

Circumstances leading to the incident are yet to be established however, the officers are said to have accused the bus crew of parking at an undesignated point leading to the firing of the canisters in the loaded bus.

Hapless passengers had to scurry for safety through windows without some landing awkwardly on the tarmac. In a video that has since gone viral some police officers are seen milling around the bus with passengers risking their lives by jumping off in a traffic congested Bulawayo road.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident saying the officers have since been arrested.

“Yes I can confirm the incident, we do not condone such behaviour and we have since arrested the culprits” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi

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