Zimbabwe President Fires Supreme Court Judge

Harare- Zimbabwe Supreme Court judge, Justice Francis Bere who was suspended early this year for alleged misconduct has been removed from office with immediate effect.

This was announced Thursday in a press statement that came from the office of the President published by the Ministry of Information. Publicity, and Broadcasting Services.

“Following the advice of the Judicial Service Commission that the question of removing Honourable Justice Francis Bere JA ought to be investigated, the President, acting in terms of Section 187(3) of the Constitution, appointed, through Proclamation Number 1 of 2020, a Tribunal to inquire into the question of removal from office of the said Judge.

“The Tribunal has completed its investigations and has recommended that Honourable Justice Francis Bere JA be removed from office for acts of gross misconduct. His Excellency the President, accordingly, acting in terms of Section 187(81 of the Constitution, has removed the Honourable Judge from office with immediate effect,” said Dr Misheck Sibanda chief secretary to the President and Cabinet

President Mnangagwa appointed the tribunal after lawyer Itai Ndudzo of Mutamangira and Associates alleged that the judge had called him on his phone telling him to settle a civil dispute. Ndudzo was representing the Zimbabwe Road Administration (Zinara) in a case against a company called Fremus Enterprises. Fremus Enterprises is allegedly owned by Justice Bere’s relatives.

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