Zimbabwe Hospital Dismisses Scattered Corpses Reports

Harare- Zimbabwe’s Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has dismissed social media reports suggesting that Covid-19 corpses are strewn all over the hospital.

This follows social media reports that the Hospital was overwhelmed by the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic leaving corpses lying cluttered at the hospital.

In a statement, the hospital said the reports were a clear exaggeration of their situation and have never had such a scenario.

“We have come across social media articles with unsubstantiated claims about our Covid-19 Centre. Some are claiming that there are Covid bodies lying all over Parirenyatwa Hospital. We would like to set the record straight. We have never had a scenario where bodies of the deceased are found everywhere within the hospital. This is a clear exaggeration of our situation. Our patients and visitors can bear testimony to this.” read the statement.

The Hospital also clarified on reports of a patient who got infected whilst admitted at the institution saying it is dangerous and deceitful to blame the hospital without evidence.

“We have also taken note of an allegation that there was a patient who got infected while admitted at our hospital. It is known scientifically that a Covid PCR Test has a sensitivity level that depends on a number of factors, chief of which is timing of the test in relation to exposure.

“Blaming the hospital for transmitting Covid to a patient without evidence is dangerous and deceitful especially considering not only the high community transmission levels but implications of such unsubstantiated statements on our patients, staff and the general public.” said the hospital

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While acknowledging that the second wave has resulted in the hospital handling more Covid-19 cases than before, P

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