Zimbabwe Social Movement Accuses Opposition Leader of Blocking Covid-19 Funds

Harare- A social movement the Zimbabwe Citizen Forum  (ZCF) has accused the opposition MDC-Alliance vice president, Tendai Biti of blocking the nation from accessing the Covid-19 relief fund resulting in the deaths and suffering of poor citizens.

Addressing journalists in Harare, ZCF leader Alex Gakanje said the current suffering of Zimbabweans and failure to curb the pandemic was being caused by Biti’s ‘selfishness, narrow and myopic political ambitions.’

 “As a wealthy person, perhaps the reason he (Biti) blocked aid to Zimbabwe is that he is not concerned by the welfare of the majority of Zimbabweans in townships and rural areas since he is worth millions. He can afford the best health facilities as well as educational facilities. For instance, since the American Embassy in Zimbabwe plays more of a surrogate father role to Mr. Biti, it may not be surprising that Biti has been vaccinated by Americans already.

 “On the 21st of May 2020, Mr. Biti arrogated to himself the role of a State Overseer, a role which he quickly assumed and wrote a letter to the World Bank president Mr. David Malpass. He copied the letter to the World Bank’s VP for Africa, Mr. Hafez Ghanem. In the letter, in his bid to block the nation from accessing the Covid-19 relief fund, Mr. Biti made among other shocking allegations that violence and forced disappearances were prevalent and widespread, and that through the national lockdown which is a WHO brainchild, the government was stealing from the people.

“Surprisingly, the WB quickly heeded Biti’s political smear campaigns and Zimbabwe was denied the relief fund even though she is a member of the World Bank,” Gakanje said.

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He said, “Interestingly, now that the Covid-19 infections and deaths have spiked, Mr. Biti, being the self-proclaimed overseer of this nation has been ironically making the loudest noise, mainly through social media. He is on record accusing the Government of failing to secure the vaccine.”

Gakanje stressed that he is not a government official neither is he an official of any political party but he feels obliged by the Constitution to reprimand Biti who is a leader by virtue of him having been duly elected in free and fair national elections held in 2018.

He challenged Biti to bilateral dialogue and pointed out that leaders in society are expected to be diligently leading the fight against this deadly pandemic and should not try to settle their political scores and gain political relevance using COVID-19.

“Biti is a Member of Parliament and I think he is accustomed to debates and engagements. I hope he will welcome my challenge. The nation has become crippled and unable to curb the pandemic all for his selfish, narrow and myopic political ambitions.”

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