Uebert Angel appointed Presidential Envoy and Ambassador-at-large

Ubert Angel

Popular proponent of the prophetic movement and one of the pioneers of the modern day prophetic church, Uebert Angel has been appointed Presidential Envoy and Ambassador-at-large to the Americas and Europe.

Speaking from statehouse on Wednesday afternoon the preacher-cum-political-diplomat spoke of his appointment and appreciated the President of Zimbabwe Emerson Mnangagwa for making use of all available tools to revive Zimbabwe.

Ambassador Angel corrected the misconception peddled in the media that he was a good will ambassador.

“It’s not really a good will ambassador appointment, contrary to what some people said but anyway it covers that area”
Commenting on what he brings to the table in his new appointment Ambassador Angel said
“We bring in all our connections in business, I think the president has actually shown that he is able to pull from all ecosystems and bring in people from all areas of life.”

He lamented on the fact that when people hear that one is a pastor that’s where they think it ends.

He then gave a brief overview of his academic qualifications which include two degrees in finance and he also pointed out his vast connections in business as a plus in his new appointment.

Asked where he was going to be stationed his response was I am ambassador at large and presidential envoy to the Americas and Europe, for now I will not be leaving Harare right away but I will be getting on with work, we are hitting the ground running we already have investors who are lined up to come into Zimbabwe this coming week”

Many within and without Zimbabwe were still trying to wrap their heads around the meaning of this appointment and title.

An ambassador-at-large is a diplomat, a secretary, or a minister of the highest rank who is accredited to represent a country and its people internationally.

According to international protocol, ambassadors and ambassadors-at-large are officially styled and addressed as His/Her Excellency, or Mister/Madam Ambassador. The title may be abbreviated in official correspondence as H.E.

So I guess it’s congratulations to H.E. Ambassador-at-large Uebert Angel.

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