Ambassador Angel hosts first delegation of investors.

Newly appointed Presidential Envoy and ambassador at large Uebert Angel has hit the ground running. True to his promise the Ambassador hosted his first delegation of investors into Zimbabwe this week.

Much expectation is on this man-of-god-cum-ambassador to deliver and attract investors from his wide pool of international business associates.

It is believed that his international business connections and influence will work not only to his advantage in this new role but will also benefit the country. Ambassador Angel coined a new phrase which he seems to be using as his slogan ‘for God and Country’

Some sceptics hold reservations on the appointment but only time will tell indeed, Zimbabwe, needs a jab of investors and investment. If one was to try convincing foreign investors to invest in Zimbabwe, chances are they would be averse to investing in Zimbabwe . It’s not a secret how much Zimbabwe is in a crisis and has lost many big investors to other African countries. Most people who are entrepreneurial would know that all these challenges present a lot of opportunities from a business point of view.

Nonetheless that is the narrative that Ambassador Angel is trying to reverse his job is cut out and it looks like he relishes the challenge and has taken it on. Writing on his official Facebook page the ambassador shared an image of himself with some of the investors with a caption that read “Hitting the ground running. Don’t stop for anyone. Keep walking as they keep talking !”

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