Apostle B Java trio book launch

The past few months have demonstrated that modern technology allows many of us to adapt to extraordinary situations like lockdowns whilst keeping our daily routines relatively unchanged.

Apostle Batsirai Java who recently completed authoring three books launched all three online yesterday (30th March 2021) via a virtual platform.

The team behind the trio book launch that saw the three titles; This Kind, The Mystery of Dreams and Interpretations, and African Religion: A Blessing or A Curse? Virtually launched, pushed the envelope and put together an online book launch not for one but three books all in one go, the trio book launch was hosted by a very lively and energetic host Keith Mawoyo.
Mawoyo allowed for an interactive session which worked well for the virtual book launch.

Of course, in normal times (minus coronavirus restrictions) it would be recommend set up of a book launch be a physical event, but desperate times call for creative measures. The silver lining here was that Mawoyo made the digital launch more interesting because he is a great host.
The virtual book launch had several distinct advantages over a traditional one in that the livestream session allowed for Apostle Java’s fans from across the globe to access this live event.

Of course, with everything that’s going on, some authors may feel that their book(s) should take a back seat for the time being, but that was not the case with the team behind Apostle B Java.
They took the decision to move forward with the trio book launch embracing the available technology and platforms as opposed to simply postpone the launch until things go back to normal.

The three books are available on Amazon and kindle as soft copies and hard copies.

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