Ugandans react to Akon’s plan to build futuristic city

Ugandans have reacted to the announcement that government has allocated land for Senegalese-American singer Akon to build a city that will operate on his Akoin cryptocurrency.

Akon said he had identified the preferable piece of land after being given various options by the government.

He said the city will borrow a lot from a similar project planned in Senegal but didn’t disclose how much it will cost to set up and who will finance it.

Ugandans online questioned why the government was giving land to Akon when local investors were also in need.

“Don’t we have Ugandans with money that can build a wondrous investment in 1square mile land. It’s all about having reasonable leadership, everything is possible. Akon will not steadline Uganda’s weak economy on collapse because of being given free land,” Rodgers Ishimwe tweeted.

“Akon to be given 1Square Mileofland for free. It would make more sense if the govt gave this same land to 640 youths to do farming with each youth getting an Acre,” Kawalya tweeted.

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