Chief summons Grace over Robert Mugabe burial, wants him exhumed

A Zimbabwean chief has reportedly summoned former first lady Grace Mugabe to appear before a village court to face charges of inappropriately burying the country’s late former President Robert Mugabe at the family’s homestead.

According to The Voice of Zimbabwe, Zvimba wants Grace Mugabe to exhume her late husband’s body and rebury it at a gravesite where his mother, Bona, was laid to rest.

It’s understood Mugabe has been told in a letter to attend the village court on Thursday next week at the Gonzo Guzha Hall in Murombedzi Growth Point at 9:30 am.

Robert, who was toppled in a de facto military coup in 2017, died of cancer in Singapore.

The family is believed to have multiple farms, and several companies, including a dairy farm.

According to independent economists, the Mugabe family has businesses worth more than R150 million.