United States condemns apparent ouster of Guinea president

The United States condemned events on Sunday in the Guinean capital Conakry, where special forces soldiers appeared to oust the country’s long-serving president.

It asked parties to stop violence and stand by the rule of the law.

The US Department of State says that “violence and any extra-constitutional measures will only erode Guinea’s prospects for peace, stability, and prosperity”.

It emphasised on a process of national dialogue to “sustainably and transparently” address any concerns in order to find a peaceful and democratic solution.

It comes amid more regional and international condemnation of the apparent ouster of President Alpha Condé.

The West African economic bloc, Ecowas, condemned the “coup attempt” and affirmed “its disapproval of any unconstitutional political change”.

It demanded the respect of President Condé as well as his unconditional release and of those arrested alongside him.

UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres and the African Union have already condemned the coup and demanded the immediate release of President Condé.

The fate of the president is unclear after an unverified video showed him surrounded by soldiers, who have claimed to have seized power and dissolved government.

However, the defence ministry said the attempted takeover had been thwarted by the presidential guard.


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