ANC gears up to launch election manifesto

ANC to outline promises under level 2 lockdown regulations, which only allow for 500 people to attend

ANC supported expected Church Square in Pretoria on Monday afternoon ahead of the ruling party’s widely anticipated election manifesto launch to be addressed by ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa.

The party will outline its promises under level 2 of the lockdown regulations, which only allow for 500 people to attend.

SA’s major opposition parties — including the DA, EFF and IFP — have already unveiled their manifestos with a slew of promises in a bid to win the sixth local government elections, scheduled for November 1.

Ramaphosa was hard at work at the weekend, campaigning for his party and pleading with potential voters to give the ANC another chance as it promised to do things differently to ensure good governance this time around.

On the campaign trail in Ekurhuleni on Sunday, he admitted that one of the biggest problems facing the country was unemployment and told potential voters the party has “big plans” to tackle it.

The ANC wants to regain control of metros like Tshwane and Joburg that it lost in the 2016 elections and turn around a steady decline in electoral support.

The big sell is on, with all parties essentially sending the same message: “This is what we will do for you if you give us your vote.”

The ANC’s 2016 elections manifesto painted a rosy picture of a party that was delivering on the ground, but when it comes to local government, there is no longer a good story to tell where the ANC governs.

On Sunday night, President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke of the quality of the nearly 10,000 candidates the ANC will be fielding across the country, of whom the youngest was just 20 years old.

Ramaphosa said the 4,937 proportional representation candidates and the 4,468 ward candidates were chosen only after a rigorous process to choose the most committed and capable people.

“Our young candidates will be joining hands with experienced older councillors, enabling us to build on the gains we have made. They will learn from our mistakes, for we have made mistakes that we are admitting,” Ramaphosa said,