I got her back; kudzai Mushonga wows Khanyi Mbau back to Dubai

October 1, 2021
| Report Focus News

Kudzai Mushonga, the Zimbabwean business man based in Dubai, has wowed his run away girl friend TV personality Khanyi Mbau back.

Just over a month ago Mbau had ditched her boyfriend in Dubai, where the couple are relocated and returned to South Africa under strange circumstances.

Kudzai had the country in a panic last month when he claimed that he was unable to locate Khanyi in Dubai after dropping her off at a salon. However, Khanyi, later in an Instagram post, revealed that she was, in fact, in Johannesburg, posting a photo of herself at her father’s grave.

Now, the couple has seemingly reconciled, with Khanyi rejoining Kudzai in Dubai on Thursday.

On Thursday, Khanyi posted a photo of her first-class aeroplane ticket and passport on Instagram, along with the aeroplane emoji. She disabled the comments on the post.

Kudzai later shared on his Instagram Stories videos of the couple, which showed him purchase Khanyi a gift from Cartier, and later the couple shared a kiss while cosying up on the backseat of a Mercedes-Maybach.

In the videos, set to Future feat. Kanye West’s I Won, Kudzai is heard saying: “I missed you, baby,” while Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody plays in the background of the last video clip.