9,1m South Africans fully vaccinated against Covid-19

October 4, 2021
| Report Focus News

A total of 9,1 million were fully vaccinated by Sunday afternoon, says the National Department of Health.

With 39.7 million adults in the country, this means that 32,2% of the population has received a vaccine.

Majority are females – 57% – in comparison to 43% of males.

The majority of these were in the age category of 60 years and over.

The National Department of Health said a total of 17,8 million doses of the vaccines were given.

Of these, over 13 million were the double dose Pfizer vaccine, compared to the four million single doses Johnson & Johnson.

A total number of 52 556 individuals were vaccinated in the past 24 hours.

The majority of these – 15 546 – were from the Gauteng province.

In terms of percentage in terms of its population, the Western Cape is leading, with almost 41% of its population having received a vaccine.

With Gauteng having the highest population of over 11million, the province is placed 6th in the country, with only having vaccinated 29,56% of its population.