Kenya press muted on President Kenyatta revelations

October 4, 2021
| Report Focus News

There was a lack of reporting in Kenya’s newspapers on Monday morning on the story from the Pandora Papers, where the family of President Uhuru Kenyatta was revealed to have secretly owned a network of offshore companies for decades.

The Star newspaper was leading with the story on its website, but others either did not cover it at all, or put the focus outside of Kenya.

The country’s leading daily newspaper, The Nation, published a story written by a news agency with the headline “Pandora Papers expose leaders’ offshore millions”, using a picture of Jordan’s king. The story includes four lines about the Kenyattas.

The Standard and The People Daily newspapers did not publish the findings on their websites.

Citizen TV – the biggest TV station in Kenya – has published Reuters news agency copy on its website, mentioning the disclosure about Mr Kenyatta’s family towards the end.

However, the leak was generating a lot of conversation on social media in Kenya, with the hashtag #PandoraPapers trending on Twitter.

Mr Kenyatta’s family have not yet responded to requests for comment.