Zimbabwean teacher who violently assaulted student; charged with GBH

October 15, 2021
| Report Focus News

A video of a Zimbabwean teacher unleashing violence on a student which went viral yesterday has resulted in the arrest of the abusive teacher.

Identified as 39 year old, Michael Freeman Chingwaru, a Maths teacher at Harare Einstein Tuition Centre in Harare.

Chingwaru was filmed punching, head butting an lashing the student using a belt.

Horrified and traumatised by the brutality of the assault other student who were present in the room pleaded with the enraged Chingwaru to stop nonetheless he continued his attack.

The incident reportedly happened at around 10.30AM on Thursday. The video went viral after it was posted online, sparking a huge public outrage.

Police in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare on Friday confirmed that Chingwaru, had been arrested and charged with assault.

According to police, the unnamed Lower Sixth student was earlier found by Chingwaru in a Form 4 class watching movies after bunking lessons.

Chingwaru, police said, ordered the student to return to his class.

“Instead of returning to his class, he went to a Biology classroom and coincidentally met the same teacher and a harsh exchange of words occurred, resulting in the teacher assaulting the complainant,” police said.

Corporal punishment has been outlawed in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, another video has emerged of the same teacher assaulted a ZESA technician. It is not known when the incident occurred, and if a police report was filed.