If Rihanna can rock it so can Lizzo say fans

October 16, 2021
If Rihanna can rock it so can Lizzo say fans | Report Focus News
If Rihanna can rock it so can Lizzo say fans

Lizzo fans rushed to her defence after she faced criticism for wearing a sheer, sequinned dress to Cardi B’s birthday party.

Lizzo joined the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Normani and Teyana Taylor to celebrate Cardi B’s 29th birthday party and the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer was criticised for wearing a see-through dress to the LA bash.

Obviously, Lizzo killed it in the shimmering number for the dancehall-themed celebration, wearing strategically-placed nipple pasties to preserve her modesty and keeping the lewk sleek with a high ponytail.

Winnie Harlow was also in attendance, wearing a see-through knitted dress, while Teyanna Taylor wore a mesh ensemble.

But there were still come comments criticising Lizzo’s outfit, claiming she was showing too much skin.

Fans rushed to Lizzo’s defence, pointing out Winnie and Teyanna weren’t getting the same backlash.

“The amount of ‘I’m all for body positivity but-‘ takes on this are horrendous. Lizzo is not the poster child for yalls expectations. Every other woman in that party had their a** out [sic],” one person fumed.

“The party theme is dancehall. This is how you are supposed to dress. Y’all don’t have culture though so I know y’all wouldn’t understand. Keep thriving Lizzo!” Commented another.

A lot of people also compared it to Rihanna’s embellished see-through gown which she wore to the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2014.
“if rihanna wore lizzo’s outfit the blogs would be gagged, but hey,” tweeted another.

“Rihanna be havin t**s, nips and ass out all the time. But y’all mad at Lizzo??? Let her enjoy her life & body.”

Lizzo has always been an advocate of body positivity and acceptance but she’s yet to address the backlash directly.

Instead, she silenced the haters with a ‘soft twerk’ video on Instagram.