Rainbow Entertainment and Promotion; Hosts Popular gospel singer Dr Tumi

Rainbow Entertainment and Promotion has bounced back post-Covid-lockdown with a bang.

The U.K. based entertainment and promotion firm which has brought some of the biggest names in gospel music to the U.K. has pencilled in the hottest gospel artiste from South Africa, Dr Tumi. After a hiatus forced by Covid-19 lockdowns. Rainbow Entertainment, will be hosting the famed South African medical doctor and gospel musician Dr Tumi in what has been dubbed ‘ The Gratitude Tour.

Speaking to Report Focus News, Rainbow Entertainment, CEO Steve Mpofu said “This is not just going to be a gospel show, it will be much more. There will be history made. The Gratitude show, is going to be a live recording and as you may know Dr Tumi is a great worshiper and as such it will be something special as we give and express gratitude for the many blessings not least being that we survived a stressful and emotional time of crisis brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic.”

The world at one point was shut down music concerts as we knew them all had to be suspended or cancelled.

First it was just a few displaced shows here and there Africa, Asia and Europe all at some point banned large crowd gatherings.

Circular music or gospel it did not matter — shows were cancelled, desert bacchanal Coachella, and tour dates for everyone from Pearl Jam to the Rolling Stones to Post Malone to Billie Eilish. North America’s largest concert promoters AEG and Live Nation suspended all their shows; major arenas and underground clubs alike were forced to close their doors.

By mid-March, the coronavirus pandemic had effectively put the multibillion-dollar concert industry on indefinite pause and brought cataclysmic knock-on effects into the rest of the music business as well.

As the crisis continued some observers concluded that promotion and entertainment companies such as Rainbow Entertainment and Promotions would fold and not resurface post lockdown. Nonetheless, Rainbow Entertainment has shown great resourcefulness and they have comeback with a Big Bang.

It is no secret Dr Tumi is the hottest in gospel music in all of Southern Africa right now.

The Gratitude Tour is lined up for 5th of March 2022 in Birmingham at the Piccadilly Banqueting suite.
It is definitely a calendar event not to be missed.

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