MDC party demands investigation and justice for assault on CCC supporters in Murehwa


The brutal assault of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters in Murehwa has been met with concern and condemnation from the Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC party. Alleged to have been carried out by Zanu PF activists, the attack saw elderly CCC members violently attacked on accusations of belonging to the opposition and holding a meeting.

In a statement, the MDC demanded that authorities investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice. “Our hearts are with the Murehwa victims of sadistic violence by a group of thugs purporting to be a law unto themselves,” the statement reads. “We condemn the brutality against opposition supporters as seen on videos circulating on social media.”

The MDC also emphasized the right to freedom of association and protection under the law, stating that “no person is above the law and justice must be served.” The party called on political leaders to foster positive competitiveness and encourage their supporters to exercise restraint.

Police investigations into the incident are ongoing.


Staff Reporter

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