Terror group al-Shabab says it has killed British spy

The Somali militant group al-Shabab claims it killed a British spy yesterday.

According to a jihadi website, he had admitted giving information to British intelligence services about al-Shabab supporters living in the UK.

Islamists say they shot five men in the public execution on Tuesday.

Another was said to be working for the Somali government.

That individual is alleged to have attached a device to a vehicle in an al-Shabab convoy which had then helped American drones to carry out an air strike.

Al-Shabab told Reuters news agency that three of the men were US spies who had helped guide drones to carry out strikes in Somalia.

The UK, US and Somali governments have not yet commented on the reports.

The identity of the alleged British spy has not yet been confirmed, despite earlier reports that he was a British national.

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